It is comforting to know that you can get fast cash from car title loans at any time to cover unexpected bills and emergencies. These short-term loans can provide extra financial support if you're living on a fixed income or coming up short this month. For example, retirees living off Social Security only have a certain amount of monthly income and may not be able to afford home repairs that come up from time to time. We all get hit with expenses that we hadn't anticipated like replacing the hot water heater, the kids needing money for school projects or your breaks go out on the car. In essence, cash from a title loan helps to simplify finances for those on fixed incomes or anyone else in need of quick cash. Title loans Laredo also provide several advantages to applicants and borrowers. Hoskins Car Title Loans offers easy online applications and nearby loan center stores, which are convenient and save time. You won't be turned down for bad credit because loans are secured using the title to your vehicle. Applicants can expect professional services throughout the loan process. Each applicant receives an instant online loan quote and completes qualifying with a personal loan representative over the phone. Loans are approved within a day of applying, and you retain the use of your vehicle.

Applying for a Vehicle Title Loan

Before Applying

Since auto title loans are secured using the title to your vehicle as collateral, it may be a good idea to find your vehicle title to make sure everything is in order. The title should list your name as the owner. Whenever possible, we prefer that car titles are lien free. The title should not list any lien holders if the car is fully paid for. You will also need a government identification card proving you are 18 or older. All applicants must have a source of income to repay loans, which could even include unemployment benefits.


Applying for one of our hassle free loans with Hoskins Car Title Loans is easy and quick. For those folks that prefer internet services, we have an online application, which takes no more than a few minutes to complete and submit. However, if you wish to talk to a live loan representative, you can always apply at one of our nearby loan center stores. We also accept applications over the phone if you would like to ask questions before applying.

Required Application Information

Regardless of which application process you choose, you'll need to fill out the following information on the application form:

  • Your vehicle information, which includes a mileage estimate, the age of your vehicle and the make, model and body style to process the vehicle's current market value for collateral purposes.
  • Your telephone number, full name and zip code, so we can contact you about a loan.

Learning About Title Loans Laredo

How long do I have to repay the loan?

During your loan consultation, you will be asked about the length of the loan you prefer. Generally, the shortest loan term is 30 days, but it's possible to get longer title loans Laredo with a repayment period of several months if you desire.

How much cash could I be approved for?

You might qualify for a couple of hundred dollars or thousands. We look at several factors like the current value of your vehicle and your ability to repay a loan, which is determined by your income. Most loan amounts come close to about 75 percent of the value of the auto.

Can you help me to get a clear title?

To get a clear title, you should take your lien release from your lender to the Motor Vehicle department in your city. Contact your lender if you haven't received a lien release after paying off your car debt.

  • Are there spending restrictions for loan funds?
  • We have no spending restrictions at all.

  • Can I use my car during the loan period?
  • You may drive your vehicle any time you like.

  • Do you approve loans for people with bad credit?
  • It doesn't matter what your credit is like. As long as you have a vehicle for collateral, you're in good shape.

  • Are there penalties for paying off loans early?
  • You may pay off your loan any time and won't be charged any fees.

How Title Loans Work


Applying for title loans Laredo with Hoskins Car Title Loans takes no time at all, and you'll be delighted to receive your loan funds so quickly. Incidentally, there is never any charge for submitting applications, so get yours in today.

Your Free Loan Consultation

Hoskins Car Title Loans respects your time, so we make loan consultations, short and convenient. If you have your monthly income and your expense figures ready before the phone meeting, we can save a lot of time, get you approved quickly and help you to select a reasonable repayment plan for your needs. We want to make sure you understand the loan process and feel comfortable with the terms you have selected. So, be sure to ask questions if you need more clarification. We're here to help.

Confirming Loan Terms

Title lenders are responsible for drawing up contracts for each borrower, which meet state auto title regulations. Title regulations are in place to assure borrowers of the interest rate they are getting, the cost of the interest, the loan amount, any fees they will be paying and their repayment schedule. It is a smart idea to double check the figures in the contract, and make sure you understand your financial responsibilities before signing a contract.

Collecting Loan Funds

Loan funds are distributed as soon as you turn in the title to your vehicle. To secure title loans Laredo, we place a lien against the vehicle offered as collateral. This is only a temporary measure. Paper car titles are returned to borrowers when the loan is paid in full.

You may not need a loan at the moment, but it's nice to know you can depend on car title loans Laredo for instant cash down the road.